A Look at the Enjin Cryptocurrency Wallet

Enjin Smart Wallet Screen Shot

The Enjin Cryptocurrency Wallet is simple but impressive. Enjin touts it to be the world’s most secure mobile crypto wallet. In addition to the host of features backing up its security claims, it has a sleek design and supports a wide range of coins (BTC, LTC, ETH, and all ERC20 tokens) with even more altcoin support planned for the future.

“No ads. No tracking. Always free. Always private.”
– Enjin’s promise to customers

Security First

The wallet is obviously designed with security in mind. It uses two levels of cryptography to protect keystore (security certificates) and confidential data, any retained data is held in encrypted memory, and the app even has a secure keyboard that can randomize keys to prevent data sniffing or keylogging.

Enjin Secure Keyboard

Enjin’s specially-developed secure keyboard, designed to maximize protection from malware.

The app also allows for Touch ID log-on and requires you to type in a passcode before making an outgoing transaction.

Like other wallets, the Enjin wallet provides you a 12-word backup seed phrase so you can recover your wallet on any other device.

Sleek User Interface

The user interface has a simplistic beauty. The home screen shows balances in both your preferred fiat (USD, Euros, etc) and BTC, and it allows for menu access and the easy ability to manage the coins in your wallet.

Enjin Cryptocurrency Wallet Home Screen

On top of that, I think it’s also worth mentioning that navigating through the app is fast. Other mobile wallets I’ve used, such as Jaxx, have a noticeable pause when switching between currency accounts.

Simple But Useful Option Set

For sending and receiving, you have all of the usual options and then some: scanning and generating QR codes, dynamic network fee calculation, detailed transaction information, and the option of an advanced sending mode where you can manually make network fee adjustments.

Enjin Crypto Wallet Send Screen and Transaction Info

On the left, notice the sending fee sliding scale to adjust the priority/speed of your transaction. On the right you can see the detailed transaction data available to you in the wallet.

The wallet supports 35 languages (including Klingon), and while it doesn’t have fiat support, you can choose to see your balances in 32 different fiat currencies. Other options include the ability to import from another wallet, a choice in how to unlock the wallet, and a range of timed auto-lock settings to choose from.

Enjin Cryptocurrency Wallet Menu

Room for Improvement

The wallet works great as it is, but if it’s going to have staying power, it’ll need a few enhancements in future updates. If we are ever going to use the wallet for day-to-day purchases, adding Touch ID verification to send money – instead of having to type a password – will significantly speed up the process of paying vendors.

I’d also love to see integration with an exchange or even fiat support, but these features would understandably be further along the roadmap and likely face regulatory hurdles.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret I’m a fan of hardware wallets, but they’re better for long term storage than for actually using cryptocurrency. And while I’ve only tried a handful of mobile wallets, I can see the Enjin wallet becoming my go-to wallet to hold my “spending” crypto.

Learn more at https://enjinwallet.io or get the wallet from your local app store.
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