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Whether this is your first foray into the cryptocurrency world or just your first time to BlockAdopter, welcome.

We’re living in an exciting time, there’s no doubt about it. Technological disruption is right around the corner, and society is headed toward an entirely new level of globalization.

Thousands of crypto-related projects are currently under development; some have already been released into the wild and many more will start going live in the near future. These projects have the potential to shape our lives for decades to come.

As a quick example for those who are just beginning their crypto journey, in the very near future anyone with a smartphone will be able to become their own bank, and they will be able to manage their finances quickly, cheaply, and easily, all from within a single app. Within that app you will not only be able to pay for goods and services, but you will also be able to trade cryptocurrency, fiat currencies from around the world (USD, Euros, Yen, etc), stocks and bonds, among other assets. Anyone in the world will be able to do this, all from a single app.

From within this same app, individuals will have more investment options than have ever existed in one place. You’ll have the ability to issue loans that are backed by digital assets, and you’ll be able to invest in startups, mutual funds, crypto-backed funds, or even funds that serve as a worldwide currency hedge. You’ll have the option to let a service handle your investments based on your risk profile, or to diversify your investments through a number of such services around the world, all without needing a bank to store or manage your assets for you.

Because the technology underlying cryptocurrency makes it possible, people around the world will choose to become their own banks and be in charge of their financial future like never before.

But the financial sector is only the tip of the iceberg… innovation and disruption are imminent in a number of industries.

This site will be an ever-growing resource about cryptocurrency, and how the decentralization that comes with it will change our lives. I hope to help you, whether you have a technical background or not, to better understand the basics of cryptocurrency and why I expect it to make a monumental impact on our future. I want to help you see what this future looks like, show you some of the projects in development, help those who are interested get involved, and help us all to watch as a new paradigm becomes reality.

If you’re brand new to crypto, I suggest starting with my Getting Started Guide. It covers the basics of what cryptocurrencies are, the technology behind crypto and the benefits cryptocurrencies offer,  breaking down cryptocurrencies into a few main categories, buying your first crypto, sending and receiving crypto, trading on exchanges, and storing crypto safely. You’ll still probably have plenty of questions, but you should begin to have a better understanding about what this whole cryptocurrency thing is before moving onto other topics.

If you’re not new to crypto but it’s your first time to the site, take a look around. I’ll be adding new content multiple times a week, including explanations, reviews, investment tips, my own ideas on how disrupted industries may look in the future, and more.

I promise you that as you look around, you won’t find any shilling here (other than my general fanaticism about crypto), and I will try to approach every topic, project, or application from an objective viewpoint. And if I ever make a recommendation for a product or service, it’s because I use that service myself and find value in it.

Whether you’re new to the space or not, I hope you can find something useful here. And if you want to be notified about future posts, please subscribe to the mailing list or follow me on social media.

We’re still in the early days of cryptocurrency, and it’s going to be one hell of a journey. Enjoy it.


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