Quick Start Guide Pt 1: What is Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency isn’t just bitcoin, and it isn’t just a novel new way to pay over the internet. The underlying technology behind bitcoin has a wealth of use cases outside of money, and we are at the beginning of a technological revolution that may change our lives as much as the internet has.

But what is cryptocurrency? Today the term cryptocurrency has been broadly used to talk about a growing class of digital assets that use encryption (cryptography) for security. There are already over 1500 cryptocurrencies, and they have been created for a number of different purposes. And more are being created every day.

My Quick Start Crypto Guide is designed to help you build a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency and walk you through the basic steps of purchasing and using it. In it, I will

1. Give you a basic understanding of blockchain, the revolutionary technology behind bitcoin.

2. Point out some of the main benefits cryptocurrency offers.

3. Provide a breakdown of cryptocurrencies into different categories of use case.

4. Walk you through making your first cryptocurrency purchase.

5. Teach you the basics of trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

6. Walk you through how to send and receive cryptocurrency.

7. Teach you how to safely and securely store cryptocurrencies using a private wallet.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, I suggest reading through the entire guide before buying any cryptocurrency; while it is an exciting industry with a great deal of promise for the future, there is much to learn before jumping in. You can always refer back to the walk-throughs if you decide to purchase some crypto of your own.

If you don’t learn about crypto here, please get guidance from a person or website that you trust.

Now then, let’s get started with your crypto education.

Continue the guide with Part 2: Blockchain: The Technology Behind Bitcoin And Why It Matters